Background in Visual  Arts


1974, Graduated from high school with major in art history and drawing.

1993-1995, Studied batik and silk painting with G.Barkans, a well known textile artist in Latvia.

1996-2002, Instructor in workshop on silk painting,Indonesian batik art, ceramic and glass painting.

1996-1998,  Studied art photography theory and practice with the well known Latvian expert    R. Lielbriedis and M.Kundzins.

2006,  began  career as a professional  photographer.

Sigita Lapina  has exhibited  her work at a wide range of venues, including  National and  International/Global competitions, state-wide and regional exhibits, public and professional establishments, churches,  galleries as  well as with  the travel industry.



* Dec.,2020, participant in the Worldwide exhibition "Open", "Contemporary Art gallery online", Maryland, USA

* July-Oct.,2020, participant in the Worldwide exhibition "10th Anniversary Art Exhibition", Light Space@Time Art Gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA

* July, 2020, participant in International exhibition "Children - our legacy", "More Art - please" Gallery, Germany

* May,2020, participant in International exhibition "Nature Art", "Art Room" Gallery, Serbia

* May,2020, 3 photos was accepted in the Salon of STARWARS International Photo Awards, Agile Photographic Society, India

* May, 2020, participant in 4th ONYX 2020 International exhibition of Photography, Romania

* Febr.-March,2020, participant in the Worldwide exhibition "Winter Nature", organized from "BlueGreenEarth"  

* Febr., 2020, participant in International exhibition 3rd Polyphony International Photo Festival, Howrah, West Bengal, India

* Sept.-Dec.,2019, participant in International exhibition "London Photo Festival. Abstract Phoyography" at Harris+Hoole in Twickenham London, UK

*Oct.-Nov.,2019, participant in International exhibition "Suburbs", Art Gallery "MILLEPIANI", Rome, Italy

*August 2019, participant in Chania International Photo Festival, Blank Wall Gallery, Greece

*June-August 2019, participant in the Worldwide 2nd Annual 2019 Art exhibition "555 Special", Light Space@Time Art Gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA

*June, 2019, participant in the Worldwide exhibition "Landscapes Art 2019", Light Space@Time Art Gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA

*Febr.,2019, participant in International exhibition "Bodys in movement", Art Gallery "MILLEPIANI", Rome, Italy 

*Nov.,2018, participant in International exhibition "The Essential", Art Gallery "MILLEPIANI", Rome, Italy

*Feb.-March,2018, participant in International exhibition"Food", Art Gallery "The Passporte"

*Feb.-Apr.,2017, participant in International exhibition "Something new", Art Gallery "Exhibition Without Walls", USA

*Feb.-March,2017, Personal exhibition "Rise in Light", Kekava,Latvia

*Feb.-March,2017, participant in International exhibition "Motion", Art Gallery "PH21", Budapest, Hungary

*May-Oct.,2016, Personal exhibition "Invisible in visible. 4 elements", Ungurmuiza, Riga, Latvia

*Oct.2014-Jan.2015, participant in „S-studija” travelling exhibition „Life in White”, Latvia

*Dec.,2014, participant in travelling exhibition „ Latvian most beautiful oaks”, Latvia

*Dec.,2014, participant in exhibition „Flower Power 2014” in „1650 Gallery” Los Angeles, USA

*Oct.,2014, participant in travelling exhibition „White perception of the world today”, „Aukuras”, Lithuania

*Jan.-May, 2014, participant in „S-studija” travelling exhibition „In Balance”, Latvia

*Dec.,2013, participant in International exhibition “ Gardens in Focus”, Australian Royal Botanical Garden,Sydnay,Australia

*Feb.,2012, participant in International Biennial Exhibition of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina

*Sept.-Oct.,2011, Personal exhibition „Way to harmony",  Riga, Latvia             
*Marz,2010., participation in the traveling exhibition "European Summer in my Camera" organized by the European Union. 
 * Nov.,2009, participant in photo exhibition " Latvian nature - our beauty", Latvia          

*Sept.,Feb. 2007/2008,   Personal exhibition  „Mexico: colorful, unfamiliar, different” Riga& Livani; Latvia



Awards Received

2020, Winner in the Worldwide Photocontest "Open", "Contemporary Art gallery online", Maryland, USA

2020, Received Special Merit for the photo "Elegy 2" and Special Recognation for the photo "Others",  Light Space@Time Art Gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA 

2020, Received the Honorable Mention  in the Worldwide Photocontest "Nature Art" for the photo "In the root kingdom", "Art Room Gallery", Serbia

2019, Received Special Merit for the photos "Path searching" and "The Mirror of the Soul 1", Light Space@Time Art Gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA  

2019, Received Special Recognation for the photo "Call of Wild 1", Light Space@Time Art Gallery, Palm Springs, California, USA

2018, Received the 1-st Place in the Worldwide Photocontest "My language. My culture" in Category "Language and it's people"

2017, Winner in the Worldwide Photocontest "LIVING THE NATURE" organized by THE PHOTO PHORE

2017, Receiwed PRO Photographer Certificate "SERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER" from SWOT Media Photography Commity

2017, Awarded in Worldwide Photocontest "Wildlife 2017" for the photo "Disturbed"

2016, in Worldwide Photocontest "B&W CHILD 2016" nominated photography "In family"

2015, Received the 1-st Place in the European Environment Agency photography competion "Picture 2050"

2014, Received the 1-st Place in the photography competion „Latvian most beautiful oaks”

2013, Received the 2-nd Place in The Worldwide Photo Gala Awards contest „B/W Photographer of the year” for photo 

2010, finalist of the WPGA2010 Competition/The Pollux Awards in category Citiscapes and Children

2010, Received the 1-st Place in the photography competition „Don’t cry my green country” for the photo ”In Harmony”, Latvia

2009,   Received the distinction of the  title  ”Laureate” for photo „Morning”  presented at the photography competition  ”The Natural Landscape of Latvia: the Beauty of our Country”Latvia.

2008,  Received the 2008  „Visual Culture’s”  award  at the World Competition for  outstanding work in the art photography category  Nature for photo „Call of Wild 1”.

March, 2007,   Received an award  for work presented at the art photography  competition  under the auspices of  the photography journal „Foto Kvartals”, Latvia.


Many photography are in private collections in Latvia, Canada, USA, Australia